Blue and Black Color breedings
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Date Born: July 1 2001
Daisy and Nate (our very first breeding)
10 puppies

I originally held back 3 puppies from this litter.  As time went on I decided to place one girl and then showed Lilly and Iris. 
When it came down to it I thought Lilly was the better package and spayed Iris. 
Daisy May Queen Of Tyner (Daisy)
Daisy was Breed twice, she is several generations BlackXBlack and we decided to split the breeding, one blue breeding with blue lines and one Black breeding out of Harlequin lines.  Daisy is OFA good, Thyroid, Heart and Eyes Clear.  She is our first CHIC dane.    Daisy died 10/15/2008 from a thrombosis.  Daisy never had health problems and lived to 10 years 5 months of age.

Daisy at 3 years old and at 9 years old
Black Great Dane DaisyBlack Great Dane Daisy at 9 years old
CCHIC #18758
Natemaican Paradise "Nate"
Nate was the first male we ever bred to.  Conformationaly he was a nice enough dog but we did inherit his very wide back scull and this has plagued us through out our blue breedings.  Nate was 10 years 2 months when he died, he was put to sleep because of a ruptured disk in his back that was causing him tremendous pain.
Nate's Pedigree
Nate's OFA


Lilly X Tommy (2 breedings)  2004 and 2005
Lilly X Fred (9 puppies)  2006
Lilly X Mick  (9 puppies. . .this was the accidental breeding) 
For the purposes of this page I will not add sire info on the accidental litter. 
All were altered and are in pet homes.

Out of the three breedings I only kept Shawnee to go on with.

Tyners Lilly Of The Valley CGC
 ( Pointed in conformation and obedience. )
 Lilly passed at 6 years old to Hemamgiosarcoma (spleen cancer)  Lilly was OFA excellent, thyroid, heart and eyes clear.  Lilly's accomplishments were many, highlighted by numerous bred by exhibitor wins and a very prestigious Sweeps win at the Reliant specialty.   Lilly also enjoyed and trained in agility and obedience.
Black Breat Dane Lilly
Black Great Dane Lilly in Obedience
CCHIC #18759

Lilly's First 2 breedings were to Tommy. 
Both Breedings produced 5 puppies.  Shawnee was the only blue female produced. 
I could not have asked for much more then what I got out of these breedings.  Shawnee's  draw back is her Grandfathers chunky head.
BISS CH Sharcon's Tomahawk AOMtomm

WR038506/02 02-03
AKC DNA #V225490
Penn Hip Results
OFA Heart Clear ( Cardiologist)
Lilly's 3rd breeding was to Fred.  We had a heck of a litter and for the most part I was happy.  I did have some issues with overall size in the puppies as they reached adulthood but for the most part I was happy.  Still carried through the chunky heads and I decided after a year to not hold back any puppies from this litter for my breeding program.  No reflection on the sire, it ends up is was Lilly.  The accidental litter yielded the same results.  Over all smaller danes then I had produced in the past.

CH Magic's Ferdinand Knopf
 Blue Great Dane Fred

Shawnee X Logan ( Producing 8 puppies)
Shawnee X Fred (Producing 8 puppies)
Shawnee X ?  (Currently in the works)

So far we are still at the holding stages of these litters.  Logan Jr lives with me, Willy his brother lives with Karen Derrick, Jewel lives with Audrey Blackmon and Maya lives with Kristina Kobbel.  All are currently being shown. 
We only held back one puppy from the 2nd breeding, Molly. 
Health tests on the first litter have begun and I expect for them to be completed by the summer of 2009.

Shawnee is 35 inches at the shoulders and 160 pounds. 
Shawnee is approaching 5 years old and we are planning her final breeding as I type this.   Shawnee was shown mostly on handlers most of her show carrier.  She has 9 points and lacks both of her majors to finish. 
Tyners Shawnee V Sharcon (singled out)

Blue Great Dane Shawnee
Shawnee was born 1/13/2004. 
Shawnee Awards to date
OFA info
More pictures
Shawnee's first breeding was in 2007.
Nice big litter of 8 puppies all were blue.  Conformation wise. . .very happy with this litter, cleaned up heads quite a bit and increased angulation in the front.  The only issue I have with it is once again, size.  They are not as small as the Lilly X Fred litter but the females are smaller then Shawnee and the males smaller then Logan.  Out of this litter there are 4 pups that are in the ring showing.  2 males and 2 females.

CH EIO Danes Wild Blue Yonder CGC TDI AOM
Blue Great Dane Logan SR
OFA info
Extended Pedigree

Shawnee's 2nd breeding, we went back to Fred.  This litter is very young and there is not much to tell about it yet.  So far they are growing well and seem to be up to size.  Heads are again much cleaner and over all I am pleased with this breeding.  The only disappointment was the surprise of 3 blue-fawns in the litter box. . . not the end of the world but now I must mark both dogs and progeny as fawn carriers.

CH Magic's Ferdinand Knopf
 Blue Great Dane Fred
OFA link
Shawnee's Final breeding

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